Prisoners Abroad are good. Their main thrust is welfare, though they have started to do more than just that. They now provide information for consular staff and have an implant in the FCO. They won’t lobby for you in relation to unfair trials or legal processes, but they are a vital lifeline if you are in prison overseas. Remember to stay on everyone’s radar. They can help with 101 different things, and they support the prisoner and his/her family too. They are excellent.

Fair Trials, which used to be called Fair Trials Abroad, “is a UK-registered non-governmental organization which works for fair trials according to international standards of justice and defends the rights of those facing charges in a country other than their own”. They are very good. Their main thrust appears to be more academic and more law based. They cover and educate and lobby on every subject imaginable. They don’t really do ‘welfare’. They wrote one lobbying letter on our behalf. They are worth approaching if you feel you have a case.

Reprieve is outstanding. It is headed by the world-famous Clive Stafford Smith, whom I met many years ago in Atlanta over the famous miscarriage-of-justice case of Krishna Maharaj. Reprieve specialises in death-penalty cases but also covers Guantanamo Bay and much else besides. Clive has supported me over the years in our case. Reprieve is also worth approaching, depending upon what your case is.